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Success Stories

Suzan Opperman


Holly Preece

Suzan Ballet

Suzan Opperman who trained at Trull School Of Dancing was spotted while attending the Royal Ballet summer school. Suzan impressed the principals so much that she was offered a place and a scholarship at Whitelodge, bypassing notoriously stringent audition process. This is a big honour to be asked without having to go through the audition procedure. Suzan has been a real credit to this school and is well deserving of this opportunity.

Update April 13 - Suzan has now got her first professional  ballet contract with Vienna State Ballet Company and still currently there.

Holly Preece has been training at Trull School Of Dancing for over 6 years now and is currently working hard towards her Advance 1 Ballet, Modern and Tap. Holly has sucessfully been awarded a place at Laban Contempary Dance College in London. Laban is one of the UK’s top dance schools.. We are very proud of her and we all wish her good luck for when she starts in September.

We are now really excited to annnounce that Miss Preece will now be teaching at TSD from September 2018. It is so lovely to have her back to the school.

Gemma has been with the school for years now and we are very proud to say that she has successfully auditioned and received a scholarship place for a 3 year Musical Theatre course at a fabulous college in London called “The Centre”.


Gemma is a wonderful, hard working all round performer in dance, singing and drama. We all wish Gemma the very best of luck in her chosen career as she is so dedicated to performing, although she will be greatly miss by us.


We know Gemma will have a wonderful future and be able to pursue her dream of performing along with one day making a fantastic teacher.


Gemma has also recently been singing on two of the live X-Factor shows which we are very proud she has also been in pantomine in Lapland along with many summer seasons abroad.

Gemma Bown-Porter

Anna Shircliff

Some of you may remember Anna Shircliff from our Hansel and Gretel show in 2005, Anna has now got into “Phantom of The Opera” at Her Majesties Theatre in London and we wish her all the best for her  West End show debut.


Katy Riches

Katy has been with the school for quite a few years now and we are very proud to say that after her audition she has been offered a  three year professional course at “Laine Theatre Arts” a top vocational Dance school in Epson Surrey. Katy is a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated all round performer in dance, singing and drama.  We all wish her the very best of luck in her chosen career although she will be greatly miss, so we hope she will come back regularly to see us. We are sure Katy will be a great success and will pursue her dream of performing.

Katy Riches Gemma B-P headshot

Congratulations to Imogen Mansfield (left) who has been working so hard and is so dedicated to having a career in ballet. All this hard work has paid off as Imogen successfully auditioned  four top Ballet schools, Tring, Northern Ballet School, Central and Hammond. Imogdecided to go to Tring and then she joined a Contemporoary Company and now currently working in Barcelona.


Imogen Mansfield

Suzan Opperman Jo Thorne

Joanna Thorne

Joanna (right) started ballet at the age of three at TSD. She progressed through all the disciplines,  leaving after taking her A levels and auditioning for drama schools in London. She has now just finished her 2nd year of her degree in Musical Theatre at Arts Educational Schools, London, one of the country’s top Theatre Schools. Her greatest wish is to perform in musicals in the West End – watch this space!!


Ceara Hogget

Congratulations to Ceara Hogget (Left) and Ellen Welch (Right).


Ceara has successfully auditioned for “Northern Ballet School” in Manchester. This is one of the country’s top leading vocational schools where Ceara will train for 3 years to continue her dream to become a professional dancer.


Ellen has got in to a brand new vocational school in London called “Ballet Theatre Uk” where she will have 3 years of professional dance training so she can go on to have a wonderful career in dance and live her dream.

Ellen Welch

Ellen Welch

Cameron Barclay

Cameron Barclay




Well done to Cameron Barclay (below) who will be joining Ceara at “Northern Ballet School”.


We wish the three of them the very best of luck, they have all worked so hard and have been so determined. We will miss them very much but will be excited to see what the future holds and where their exciting dance career will take them.


Cameron is now currently working the cruise ships   having a wonderful time dancing professionally.


Jade Viney

Big congratulations to our wonderful and talented Jade Viney who has just been offerered a 3 year professional musical theatre dance course in two of London's top vocational school's "Bird's college" and  "Laine Theatre Arts." We are so proud of you Jade as you really deserve this, all your hard work and dedication over the years has paid off. Time to go and follow your dreams!

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Francesca Wilson

Congratulations to Francesca Wilson (left) who has sucessfully auditoned for Laban Contemporary Dance School. Francesca has worked very hard and also attend full time training in Swindon. We wish you all the very best and will miss you very much.


Imogen Mansfield


Here is the write up from Somerset County Gazette:


'Imogen Mansfield is taking up a professional place as an apprentice dancer with Elit Smith Contemporary Dance Company in Newcastle.


Imogen aged 19, from Taunton, has recently graduated from Tring Park School for the Permorming Arts in Hertfordshire.


She wored hard at Trull School of Dancing under the guidance of Esther Lunn and Juliet Peach to sucessfully gain her place three years ago at Tring Park.


Since then she has trained hard and breezed through her audition for a place at Eliot Smith.'


Well done Imogen and good luck, we are so very proud of you.

Katy Riches


Congratulations to Katy Riches who will be perfoming in the amazing musical "42nd Street" at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in London's West End.


This is such an amazing achievement and we are so very proud of you. Katy starts her years contract in March 2017. We know you will love every minute Katy and this shows thats dreams really do come true!


Katy was also at the olivier awards fro 42nd Street - just amazing and looking fantastic.

IMG_0815 IMG_0818 file GetFileAttachment

Congratulations to Adam Ried, Sophie Taylor and Ben Newman

We are thrilled to say that Sophie Taylor is off to Laban Contemporary school in London for her 3 year vocational course, Adam Reid (left in the photo) is off to Bird College of Dance for 3 year professional musical theatre vocational course in London and Ben Newman (right in the photo) is going to KS Dance Academy in Warrignton where Ben achieved a full scholorship.


We will miss them very much and are so proud of what they have already achieved. We know they all have a wonderful future ahead and we wish them all the luck in the world.